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Friday, October 5, 2018

Puz file download

Puz file

Electronic crossword puzzle that can be played or printed using Across Lite software; contains a single puzzle that can be filled out by the user. Daily crossword puzzles often have dated filenames, such as "aprpuz." NOTE: Since PUZ files are saved in a proprietary format. You're here because you have a file that has a file extension ending Files with the file can only be launched by certain applications. Puzzle file names usually take the abbreviated form of the date they were published and, depending on your computer settings, end with a ".puz" file extension.

Simply drag & drop file here, and I'll make you a crossword. No files will be sent to the server, this is entirely done using your modern Web browser. Details for file extension: PUZ - Across Crossword Puzzle (Literate Software Systems):: PUZ - BrainsBreaker Puzzle:: PUZ - General Name for a Puzzle File. PUZ stands for Across Crossword Puzzle (Literate Software Systems). This was last Find an Answer. Ask your peers a question about this file extension.

BrainsBreaker Puzzle. PUZ stands for BrainsBreaker Puzzle. This was last updated in March By Margaret Rouse. Browse File Extensions Alphabetically. Learn what a PUZ file is, how to open a PUZ file or how to convert a PUZ file to another file format. The PUZ crossword puzzle data format (unrelated to the PUZ document format used by Microsoft Publisher) is a format used for. JavaScript (JS): supported by all download file to Open later in an application, e.g., Across Lite, download/print; requires PDF.