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Friday, October 5, 2018

Rice creamola download

Rice creamola

Rice Creamola. This was a kind of ground rice pudding that you made up with milk in a similar way to custard powder. It was yellow. I adored it. Well I've got all the ingredients now except the ground rice:p That couldn't be found in my local supermarket:?: Mrs 26x25 suggested I. Records of Creamola Food Products Ltd, food manufacturers, Glasgow, Scotland The company made a variety of products including: flavoured ground rice;.

Cremola rice This delicious, nutritious and easy to swallow/digest ground-rice milk pudding is no longer on sale as a pre-prepared mix but it is. Alas! Creamola is no more another victim of the global monolith that is. Nestlé. The Creamola brand was sold by Nestlé to Brand Partners Ltd and the new. Me too, I used to make it all the time. I did contact the original manufacturers years ago, and they confirmed it is not in production, but if anyone.

I don't think it's made any more but the following recipe provides an almost identical product: 2 heaped tablespoons of Whitworth's Semolina 1. Used to love this - I make a "version" in the same way as rice pudding - 2 tblsps . I remember having Creamola foam as a treat, anyone else. hello.i loved that pudding called rice was like just added hot yum wish you could still get it.