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Easiwall Pro

Benefits of Green Walls

The benefits of greening up space are multiple, especially in predominantly urban areas. These benefits apply to the environment, your building and you!

Even the smallest Easiwall panel will boost local biodiversity levels and depending on your choice of plants, can offer a much needed source of nectar for pollinating insects, as well as a habitat for a host of other creatures including birds.

Importantly, the plants absorb some of the most harmful pollutants caused by traffic as well as cushioning the noise of nearby roads and other noise polluters. The panels are good for your home’s health too – green walls help to reduce UV damage to surfaces and can protect a building from the effects of wind and weather. There are also potential energy cost savings. Green walls help buildings keep cool in summer and retain heat in winter.

Humans benefit from green walls in no small measure. Greenery can help obscure unsightly areas and
dramatically brighten an otherwise lifeless, grey space. It’s well documented that plants can improve your mood and engender a sense of calm and wellbeing. A green wall also offers something for every sense – smell, touch, taste, sound and sight – as plants grow, flower and fruit through the year.

So become part of the solution, help improve our environment by using Easiwall panels to enhance your outside space and have fun gardening vertically in the process.

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